Shocked grandma finds Monopoly iron in box of coleslaw

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Bizarre find: Sharon found the Monopoly toy in her Sainbury's snack. (SWNS)

An Essex grandmother has told of her surprise after almost eating a tiny metal Monopoly toy hidden in her Sainsbury's coleslaw.

56-year-old Sharon Hinton was tucking into her ‘Taste the Difference’ salad when she bit down on the metal piece.

She spat it out and was astonished to see the mini iron from the popular game.

Sharon, a retired mother-of-three, said she felt sick after biting into the piece and complained to the supermarket giant, who told her to get rid of the coleslaw send the container back to the store so it could be analysed.

But Sharon, from Hornchurch, Essex, has so far refused for fear that they are asking her to get rid of the evidence.

The retired mother-of-three complained to the supermarket giant, but has been told to get rid of the coleslaw and wash the pot out and bring it back to the store with the iron, so it can be analysed.


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She said: ‘I just could not believe it when I saw the iron. They don't even sell Monopoly at the store I bought it in.

'God knows where it has been, wrapped up in a snotty tissue in someone's pocket? I could have choked or it could have been a young child.'

The former customer service worker said she emailed Sainsbury's but got no response so then phoned the head office.

She added: 'I feel that no-one is taking me seriously, I have only spoken to someone because I had to chase them up.’

'They said they will analyse it, but what will there be to analyse if there's no coleslaw in it?'

Sharon says she has also contacted Environmental Health, but is awaiting a response before she decides what to do with the salad currently still wrapped up in her fridge.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘Food hygiene is our top priority and we take rare cases such as this very seriously.

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‘We need the container to identify the exact product and supplier, so that we can conduct a proper investigation.  

‘We’ve asked Sharon to return it to her nearest store so we can look into this properly, and we’ll keep her updated.’