Sick video of Jimmy Savile impersonator at paedo's former Glencoe home sparks fury

Sickening footage of a man dressed as Jimmy Savile impersonating the paedophile TV presenter in his abandoned Glencoe home has sparked fury.

Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed the clip, shared on Instagram by a hillwalking influencer known only as arcticscrambler. It was posted on the platform on Wednesday, June 26.

The video shows the man behind the account, whose identity is unclear, exploring the "creepy" property in Glencoe.

Once inside the man then screams "Jimmy," after which a second man dressed as Savile jumps and scares him. The video has more than 56,000 likes and over 1,200 comments.

The second man is wearing a shiny tracksuit, tinted sunglasses and blonde wig while pretending to smoke a cigar - all synonymous with Savile at the height of his fame. The Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It presenter was outed as one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders after he died aged 84 in 2011.

The twisted broadcaster lived in Allt-na-Reigh cottage, on the A82, from 1998 until he died. It's understood that up to 20 of his victims were abused at the house, which is set to be demolished after years of vandalism and failed redevelopment plans.


Councillors approved the demolition of the property, dubbed "a stain on Scotland's most outstanding landscape", last week.

The Glencoe cottage previously owned by the disgraced celebrity was bought by the director of Green's grocery chain Harris Aslam in 2021. Mr Aslam plans to build a new house to honour the legacy of mountaineer Hamish MacInnes, who previously lived at the house.

MacInnes created the 'Pterodactyl' ice-axe and the eponymous MacInnes stretcher, used by mountain rescue teams throughout the world. The video has sparked outrage among local representatives.

Highland councillor Angus MacDonald grew up in the Glencoe area and described it as "disgusting."

He said: "The whole Jimmy Savile episode and its links to Glencoe was terrible. And this is a tragic reminder of that time and is completely inappropriate. This is disgusting, a poor taste stunt from one of Glencoe's darkest periods. I hope the video is taken off the internet.

"And the sooner the building is demolished the happier people in the area will be."

Previous plans to redevelop the site submitted in 2021 prompted protests from objectors who said they did not fit the scenic landscape.

Councillors voted to demolish the home of the paedophile celebrity
Savile died in 2011 - before his huge list of vile crimes was exposed -Credit:Getty Images

Mr Aslam and his family then submitted new proposals - through the company Glencoe Cottage Ltd - for the property. However, they too were revised to take in planning concerns.

Savile had only owned the cottage for about 13 years, but some have expressed disappointment that his relatively short association with the property has overshadowed its longer history.

The little house is dwarfed by the spectacular scenery including the nearby Three Sisters ridges of the 1,150m (3,773ft) mountain Biden nam Bian.

Its name, Allt-na-Reigh, roughly translates from its mangled Gaelic as "burn of the slope", a reference to the stream that rushes close by and down under a bridge on the A82.

Extensive damage was caused to the Glencoe property
Councillors voted to demolish the home of the paedophile celebrity -Credit:Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS

Over the years, the cottage was on a working croft, with a small farm with a few cows. It had also served as a roadman's cottage with its occupant keeping the nearby road safe for travellers.

But Allt-na-Reigh has been left in a sorry state today. Vandals have covered the walls in graffiti, the windows are smashed and a bicycle wheel has been thrown on to the roof

The roof itself is badly damaged with tiles having been deliberately ripped off it. Highland Council's south planning applications committee gave the redevelopment the go-ahead, subject to various conditions.

Glencoe and Glen Etive Community Council had no objection and requested that action be taken "as soon as possible" to demolish the existing building which has been repeatedly damaged by acts of vandalism and it now a risk to health and safety.

Mountaineering Scotland previously said it was objecting until such time as visualisations of the proposal from key recreational viewpoints are available of "one of Scotland's most iconic views".

The plans were also opposed by the National Trust for Scotland. The charity, which owns land in the Glen Coe, said the state of the building had to be addressed.

But it said the planned three-bedroom house would "distract and detract" from the renowned landscape.

The NTS said the location's natural and cultural heritage went far beyond the time Savile owned it.

Following Savile's death in 2011, the two-bedroom bungalow was put up for auction and purchased for £212,000, with the buyer intending to live there. But, it was later bought by the family of Mr Aslam.

Over the years, the cottage had several slogans daubed on its walls - which had been whitewashed years earlier in an effort to deter vandals. The words "beast" and "paedo" were daubed on the side of the hillside house.

Councillor Duncan Macpherson said it was "a blot on the landscape" and in a "disgraceful state". Savile once entertained Prince Charles over dinner at the cottage and it was featured in notorious Louis Theroux documentary When Louis Met Jimmy.

He was a regular in Glencoe village, with residents saying he was an 'attention seeker' who would wander around in a Highland kilt waving at passing tourists.

One man from the area described how he had asked for the DJ's autograph and instead got a strange message from him that read 'lost girls' should visit him.

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