Simon Cowell takes a nasty swipe at 'I'm A Celebrity's Fleur East on 'X Factor' final

Simon Cowell and Fleur East (Credit: Getty/PA)
Simon Cowell and Fleur East (Credit: Getty/PA)

Everything was going so well.

Classically, the X Factor pre-final is an unstoppable gush-fest, where judges laud praise on anything that opens its mouth on stage in the name of good sportsmanship.

But Simon Cowell seemed to bring that to a shuddering halt, after Scarlett Lee’s performance of Elton John’s classic Your Song.

First, after praising Anthony Russell and Dalton Harris pretty much without reservation, he brought up his own act’s ‘nerves’ as she belted out what actually sounded like a thoroughly respectable performance.

Then, in what was a pretty needless jibe, he took aim at Fleur East, two-time former X Factor contestant, one-time runner up, and also one of his own previous acts.

After delivering a hardly glowing notice of Scarlett’s performance, he warned: “This is the first time I’ve felt your nerves because you’re all about personality and a big voice. This weekend could change your life.

“I don’t want you in the jungle in two years drinking worm juice. I want you either on Broadway, [the] West End, [or] selling records.”


Fleur is, of course, currently a contestant on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. Though she’s yet to drink any worm juice.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

There was none of the ‘superstar’ chat for Scarlett that he offered Dalton.

Who, by the way, seems like a shoo-in to win. Not least because of the general feeling among viewers.

Bookies have him at a pretty decisive 1/4 favourite, with Scarlett at 9/2 and Anthony an outsider at 7/1.

However, the odds that the winner will pick up the Christmas number one have gone from a one-time certainty to a lowly 12/1 this year.

We’ll find out the winner of the 2018 series tomorrow night…

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