Smartphone users getting phantom vibrations

Hunter Skipworth
Smartphone users getting phantom vibrations. Phones, Mobile phones 0

Obsessive mobile users are suffering from phantom vibrations in anticipation of new messages. Something we ourselves admittedly suffer from time to time, people are imagining their mobiles vibrating in their pocket when in reality they are doing nothing of the sort.

Research, carried out at the University of Worcester, showed how many were so obsessed with their phones the phantom vibrations were occurring. The study also linked stress with the number of times that individuals would check their handsets, the most stressed getting the worst imaginary vibrations.

Apparently those who have acquired phones through work, with the intention to use them to keep better in contact with their occupation, had instead seen increased stress levels out of worry of not constantly checking emails and messages.

The result is a compulsive behaviour where those who are more stressed tend to check their phones more, in turn making them increasingly stressed.

The study is hoping to make employers reconsider the burden of stress that mobile phones put on their employees.

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