Someone just caught this gigantic spider, which is the ‘world’s most deadly’

It’s the world’s most venomous (Picture Australian Reptile House)
It’s the world’s most venomous (Picture Australian Reptile House)

Someone just handed in an enormous spider which is regarded by some scientists as the world’s most deadly – and the Australian Reptile Park has named him ‘Colossus’.

The venom of the Australian funnel web can easily kill an adult human.

Colossus’s leg span measures three inches, and he’s being kept to ‘milk’ for his venom.

Funnel web spider venom is used to make antivenom, which has meant that no one has died from a funnel web bite since 1981 in Australia, although 30-40 people are bitten every year.

The Australian Reptile Park said, ‘After the recent rainfall, funnel web spiders are out in big numbers! And this is the biggest of them all!


‘Meet “Colossus” – he is the BIGGEST male funnel web spider we’ve ever had handed in here at The Australian Reptile Park!

‘Please remember to keep safely catching funnel webs and bringing them to The Australian Reptile park so we can continue our lifesaving antivenom program!’

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