Stacey Solomon reveals fears for children over horrifying Momo Challenge

Chris Edwards
Stacey Solomon fears for the safety of her children over horrifying Momo Challenge that orders social media users to carry out dangerous/suicidal acts

Stacey Solomon says she fears for her children’s safety after reports that the horrifying Momo Challenge has made its way onto YouTube Kids and the popular game Fortnite.

The Momo Challenge is a disturbing ‘game’ that reportedly entices social media and WhatsApp users to communicate with an unknown number that sends graphic images and orders them to carry out dangerous and even suicidal acts.

The avatar used by Momo is an image of a terrifying woman’s face with large, bulging eyes and stretched smile. It’s actually a sculpture from special effects company Link Factory and it featured in an art exhibit in Tokyo, Japan.

Amidst fears that the game has made its way onto the child-friendly version of YouTube and the computer game Fortnite, Loose Women panelist Solomon took to Twitter to express her concern.

“Okay what the *** is Momo and why have I had to see this horrific thing about 22 times in a week. I’m being warned it’s on @ YouTube KIDS and @ FortniteGame is it? And if it is SORT IT OUT… “

She also shared a message, seemingly sent to her by a friend, which read: “The Momo Challenge sent the other day is apparently now in kids’ YouTube.

People filming like kinder surprise reveals and it’s actually talking about the game and other things. Don’t know how YouTube haven’t filtered this!”

She then went on to share a screenshot of a Twitter post that read: “Warning to all parents. Momo is now on Fortnite and has hacked into the game and is talking to children through their headsets.

“My friends little boy has just had it happen to him and he said it was telling him to do suicidal stuff to  himself and not to tell his parents.”

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