Stop everything - Pizza Hut has launched a Mac 'n' Cheese pizza

Obviously you can never have too much cheese so Pizza Hut are properly in our good books with their latest creation.

Fulfilling every cheese and carb lover’s fantasy in one go, the company have just launched the Mac ’N’ Cheese pizza.

That’s right – macaroni cheese on pizza.

Pizza Hut have stuck macaroni cheese on pizza and life is so much better (Pizza Hut)
Pizza Hut have stuck macaroni cheese on pizza and life is so much better (Pizza Hut)

And if the sound of that isn’t enough to clog your arteries, the description of the cheesy feast is a sheer delight.

The stuffed crust pizza (more cheese) features a creamy Béchamel base and is topped with oodles of macaroni, cheese sauce, a triple cheese blend and some crispy onions thrown in for good measure.

If you need an extra bit of tang among all that cheese, then you can also order a BBQ version of the pizza, which has a BBQ sauce on the base.

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Gareth Hopley, head of communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: “At Pizza Hut Restaurants we’re constantly experimenting with new and innovative recipes as we want to create the tastiest menu around for our diners.

“You can’t beat a bowl of Mac ‘N’ Cheese, and when combined with our famous stuffed crust – it really is a match-made in cheesy heaven.

“We can’t wait for our guests to try it!”

He won’t have to wait long.

Unfortunately for all of us, the £21.95 Mac ’N’ Cheese Stuffed Crust sharing pizza is only available until later this year so you’d better stock up while you can.

Top pic: Pizza Hut