Stunning Aurora Borealis Glows Over River in Alaska

An Alaska-based photographer captured a vibrant display of the aurora borealis glowing over a river near Fairbanks on Wednesday, April 20.

This footage by Andrew Witteman shows ribbons of green and purple in the night sky.

Witteman, who studies auroras at the University of Alaska, told Storyful that April marks the end of the “aurora season” and that the phenomenon would return in September “when it starts getting dark again”.

Witteman noted that the aurora seen in the video is “on the wrong side”.

“That’s the south sky, not north, which is one of those odd things that happens here once in a while” he said.

“We are sometimes too far north for northern lights which means we end up looking south for them.” Credit: Andrew Witteman via Storyful

Video transcript


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