Is Taylor Swift Actually In Deadpool And Wolverine? Report Allegedly Reveals Her Fate After Rumors

 A screenshot of Taylor Swift smiling while singing All Too Well during the Eras Tour.
A screenshot of Taylor Swift smiling while singing All Too Well during the Eras Tour.

It won’t be too much longer that the next upcoming Marvel movie arrives on the 2024 movies schedule, as we know Deadpool & Wolverine arrives at the end of July. Now we can add another piece of confirmed information about the threequel: whether or not Taylor Swift is in it. The rumor of her potentially appearing has gained so much traction that even Ryan Reynolds responded to the constant chatter, but now it’s allegedly been settled once and for all: Deadpool 3 will not be part to the slate of things that the Swiftie fanbase can look forward to in the future.

Entertainment Weekly reports it has confirmation that Taylor Swift will not appearing in Deadpool & Wolverine. This news comes shortly after IMAX dropped a new poster for the movie showing the eponymous characters’ arms with friendship bracelets on them, which have become popular fashion items during the singing sensation’s Eras Tour. Keep in mind, we won’t know with 100% certainty that Swift isn’t in Deadpool & Wolverine until the movie comes out or someone from Marvels Studios officially confirms it, but for now, it’s a safe bet to assume she won’t show up.

For a long time, it was rumored that Swift would appear as Dazzler in Deadpool & Wolverine, who was previously played by Halston Sage in Dark Phoenix. However, over the weekend, a new batch of footage was released that included seemingly teasing Lady Deadpool’s MCU debut. This prompted some fans to speculate on if Swift could be playing that character instead, but since she’s reportedly not expected to be in the movie now, that means the theory of Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’ wife, being cast in the role holds more weight.

None of this is to say, though, that Taylor Swift couldn’t appear in the MCU someday though. After all, she’s assembled a filmography from appearing in movies and TV shows like The Lorax, Cats, Amsterdam, New Girl and Saturday Night Live. Still, given her massive popularity as a musical artist, if she does end up joining the MCU, we probably shouldn’t expect to be any more than a cameo or a prominent role in just one of the Marvel movies, as opposed to her signing a multi-picture deal.

As far as confirmed Deadpool 3 cast members go, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are joined by familiar faces from past Deadpool movies like Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams and Karan Soni, and Aaron Stanford will also be back as a variant of Pyro, whom he previously played in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand. The flick’s lineup of newcomers include Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova and Matthew Macfayden as Paradox, and Reynolds’ Welcome to Wrexham co-star Rob McElhenney is also expected to cameo. Behind the scenes, Shawn Levy directed the movie and co-wrote the script with Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Zeb Wells.

Deadpool & Wolverine opens on theaters on July 26. Keep yourself entertained until then by revisiting nearly all of the MCU’s movies and TV shows, or Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, with your Disney+ subscription.