Sir Cliff Richard suing BBC as damning texts between police and the Beeb emerge

Sir Cliff Richard has claimed the the police were texting the BBC a “running commentary” of the raid on his Berkshire home after he was accused of historic sexual assault in 2014.

The star was cleared of all charges made against him over the summer, and now Cliff is suing the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over the coverage the raid on his home received.


He has filed legal papers to the High Court, which allege that the beeb struck a deal with law enforcement officials.

The Sun report that the 76-year-old singer is requesting a “significant” portion of his legal costs are paid for by the two and he is claiming £200,000 in aggravated damages as a result of their behaviour.

The papers reportedly show that police press officer, Lesley Card, informed BBC crime correspondent, Dan Johnson, to the raid, texting Johnson: “Going in now, Dan”.


The reporter is later alleged to have replied: “Give me a shout before they take anything out, so we can get the chopper in place for a shot.”

Cliff has understandably claimed that he felt “publicly violated” by the deal between the police and a broadcaster, with it being thought that Johnson arranged a meeting at the police headquarters to tell the officer in charge of the case that he “knew everything”, reportedly “strong-arming” them into giving the BBC access.


Neither the BBC or South Yorkshire Police have commented on Cliff’s allegations.