Thug teenager facing jail after brutal attack which left teacher with face like 'crushed cornflakes'

David Harding


Lukas Mikoliunas faces jail for the violent attack (SWNS)

A teenage thug who beat up his former teacher so violently that the victim was left with a face ‘like crushed cornflakes’ is finally facing jail.

Lukas Mikoliunas, who attacked Christian Dawson last March, leaving him blind for 24 hours, has lost his attempt to overturn his conviction.

Mikoliunas, aged 17 at the time of the incident, tried to deny he was responsible for the attack but was found guilty following a trial at Hull Youth Court last August.

He said his conviction was a case of mistaken identity – and that his victim only identified him through a picture on Facebook.

He also claimed that the teacher who had been on a night out before being attacked at a Jet garage in Hull at 2am last March was too drunk to know who attacked him.

Teacher Christian Dawson suffered horrific injuries in the attacks (SWNS)
One doctor claimed the teacher was left with a face ‘like cornflakes’ (SWNS)

Mr Dawson admitted he had drunk five pints and a Jack Daniels and coke during a night out with friends but said he was adamant he knew who attacked him.

‘I have never been so drunk that I can’t recall the events of the evening and certainly in this instance, where nothing like this has ever happened to me before,’ he told the appeal court.

‘I have got no doubt that the memory of who it was that assaulted me is not impaired by the alcohol I drank.’

The dad-of-one said he recognised from Mikoliunas from his time as a teacher at Sirius Academy West, but had never taught him.



Mr Dawson with his young daughter (SWNS)

The defence also took aim at the first statement the teacher gave to police and tried to claim the teacher was desperate to pin the blame on the teenager only after being shown a picture of Mikoliunas by a former colleague. The teacher denied this.

Mr Dawson, 40, suffered horrific injuries in the attack and was left for dead, blood-soaked on a pavement in Hull, East Yorkshire.

He was concussed and blinded for 24 hours in the immediate aftermath, and a surgeon likened his facial injuries to “crushed cornflakes”.


But the court ruled that the teenage was responsible for the attack, which the teacher said

He will be sentenced in three weeks’ time and has been remanded in custody. He will also be sentenced for a separate burglary offence.