What time is Ghetts on stage at Outernet London?

Ghetts will play two shows in London.  (Getty Images)
Ghetts will play two shows in London. (Getty Images)

Grime artist Ghetts, who just won the MOBO's Pioneer Award, will be back on London’s Outernet stage for two shows next week.

With his latest album "On Purpose, With Purpose" - which features artists like Sampha, Wretch 32, and Kano - Ghetts raises the bar once more in the genre.

But when are Ghetts’ upcoming London gigs? Here’s everything we know.

What time will Ghetts be on stage?

Ghetts will first grace the London stage on Tuesday, March 26, and then again on Wednesday, March 27.

The gig is set to begin at 7pm and finish at 9pm.

Tickets have unfortunately sold out.

What will Ghetts’ setlist be?

Ghetts’ set list for the Outernet has not been confirmed but this is the setlist from his most recent gig:

  1. Double Standards

  2. Mount Rushmore

  3. Laps

  4. Blood On My Hands

  5. Side Note

  6. Tumbi

  7. Mine

  8. Interlude

  9. Gbedu

  10. Street Politics

  11. Laps

Who is Ghetts?

The rapper, formerly known as Ghetto, dropped his debut mixtape "2000 & Life", which was inspired by his upbringing in Plaistow's streets as well as his time spent incarcerated.

Shortly after his 2003 release from prison at the age of 19, Ghetts, whose real name is Justin Clarke, was given the name Ghetto by his friend, the late grime industry veteran Stormin.

It wasn’t long before his debut that the East London native recorded his second mixtape “Ghetto Gospel”. The mixtape was full of songs that paid tribute to his mother and best friend and explored the drawbacks of living in a poor neighbourhood.

The mixtape also featured the song "Top 3 Selected" for which Ghetts would produce his debut music video.

Ghetts swiftly followed this up with "Freedom Of Speech", another album of all-original songs that merged the sophisticated wordplay of "Ghetto Gospel" with the carefree attitude of "2000 & Life" to create a truly amazing listen.

More recently in 2021, Ghetts' third studio album, “Conflict of Interest”, soared up the UK music charts and became the number one album thanks to an internet fan base that blew up.