UK heatwave sparks yellow health warnings as temperatures soar to a sizzling 30C

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Met Office and the Heat-health Alert have issued a yellow health warning as England is expected to see temperatures of up to 30C next week.

These will be the hottest temperatures this year, according to weather agencies, and the heat could have serious effects on some people - especially those who are vulnerable - with almost every corner of the country set for the searing blast.

The severe heat warning has been issued for most English regions from Monday, June 24, with eight impacted from early in the morning. The only English region left unaffected by the warnings is the North East, where temperatures are not expected to reach the same highs as elsewhere.

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Yellow warnings are the second-lowest on a scale devised by the UKHSA, above green "summer preparedness" alerts, and one step below the second-highest "enhanced response" amber alert.

Heatwaves could hit parts of the UK next week, the Met Office has said (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Heatwaves could hit parts of the UK next week, the Met Office has said -Credit:Gareth Fuller/PA

Amber alerts represent "a situation in which the expected impacts are likely to be felt across the whole health service" and that weather could place the whole population at risk. Green alerts outline that authorities should have plans in place in the eventuality that the warnings are upgraded to yellow or amber, the Daily Mirror reports.

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Liam Esslick, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "According to the latest models, there is a chance temperatures could reach 30C. It's not guaranteed but this will likely be towards the south-east of England, particularly London, Essex and Kent.

"My advice to people would be by all means go out and enjoy. They have been waiting for summer. But UV levels are going to be high and the sun will be very intense. Wear protection like sun cream, stay hydrated and try to get some shade in the midday sun. People sensitive to the sun should take particular precautions."

Mr Esslick added that the longer-term weather forecast remains uncertain, with a 'breakdown' expected from late Wednesday into Thursday. He said: "It could be a little thundery with a breakdown towards the back end of the week.

"But Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are looking fine."