UK weather: 'Temperatures to hit 27C' as Hurricane Gert brings tropical conditions

Hot weather could finally return… albeit briefly (Rex)

Summer weather may finally return to the UK in the aftermath of Hurricane Gert — with tomorrow set to be the hottest day of the month, according to forecasters.

The Met Office said August’s mostly rubbish weather is briefly coming to end — although clouds and rain will remain in the north.

Hurricane Gert could bring a much-needed Caribbean blast, as tropical conditions arrive in the southern and eastern parts of the UK.

“High pressure, which is bringing warmer air up from the south, could bring some of the hotter temperatures of the month,” Met Office spokesman, Oli Claydon told Yahoo UK.

“The hottest temperature we’ve had so far this month is 25.4C on August 17, but we certainly see temperatures beating that.

“Today, we could see 23-25C, depending on cloud breaks, but tomorrow it could be up to 26C, possibly 27C in the southwest.”

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However, the hot weather is not going to last — with the weather likely returning to dreary conditions we’ve had for the rest of the month — after the highs of mid-week.

“Wednesday is really the last day we’ll see these warm temperatures, and that’s mostly confined to the east coast of Britain.”

“Following Wednesday, temperatures go back to where we are now. The peak on Thursday is 22C in the southeast, and it will stick around that temperature through until Saturday.”