Vaping is linked to pneumonia in new study

Rob Waugh

Vaping increases the risk of fatal pneumonia, and could be dangerous for elderly people, a new study has found.

The study found that the vapour from e-cigarettes increased levels of a molecule known to be associated with lung and throat infections.

The researchers believe that e-cigarettes could cause a sharp increase in the amount of bacteria sticking to airway cells.


Lead author Jonathan Grigg of Queen Mary University said, ‘If you choose to take up e-cigarettes… this indicates a red flag that there may be an increased susceptibility.

‘Some people may be vaping because they think it is totally safe, or in an attempt to quit smoking, but this study adds to growing evidence that inhaling vapour has the potential to cause adverse health effects.

‘By contrast, other aids to quitting such as (nicotine) patches or gum do not result in airway cells being exposed to high concentrations of potentially toxic compounds.’