'A Very Long Way From Home': Deer Wanders Down 'Industrial' Street in Vancouver

Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, rescued a lost deer who was wandering the streets of an urban area, according to a local resident who captured partial footage of the incident.

Carol Smit, who filmed the video and posted it to Instagram on July 23, told Storyful: “I was watering plants on my balcony when I noticed the Vancouver Police van and the deer on the street in front of my loft! I was totally shocked to see the sweet deer because I live in a very industrial area and very far from any forests … [the deer] was a very long way from home.”

Smit added: “The Vancouver Police were able to gently corral the deer in an alley and a conservation officer was able to tranquilize the deer to relocate it. A blessing to see such a beautiful creature – although stressful to see it so lost and far from home.” Credit: Carol Smit via Storyful

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