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20. Sean Spicer

Playing White House press secretary to Donald Trump’s presidency would have been a tough job for anybody. Sean Spicer ploughed on for six months, defending the President to the hilt, before resigning from the post in July. Spicer walked out followed the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci – a banker and TV personality with no media relations experience – as White House communications director. Spicer may well have kicked himself over his decision to jump ship, as his new boss was fired just 10 days into the job.

Who were this year's Top Trumps?

Donald Trump dominated the news agenda in 2017, with the man himself topping the list of the most searched terms of the year on Yahoo.

Yahoo’s Year in Review reveals the biggest news stories, social trends and searches of 2017, taken from the billions of searches made on Yahoo Search over the course of the past year.

Such was his dominance of Yahoo’s annual list (he also topped most searched people, and politicians), a separate tally into the ‘Top Trumps’ reveals what British people were most obsessed about when it came to the man himself.

Whether it was his family members, his obsession with building ‘The Wall’, his travel ban, his vendetta with the Fake News media, North Korea and, of course, his Twitter account, keeping up with ‘The Donald’ was a full-time job in the past year.

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