Warheads in Russia, maple syrup in Canada, and...erm, fascism in the UK: Tongue-in-cheek world map reveals 'what each country leads world in'

World map shows what every country does best. (Doghouse Diaries)

Britain leads the world in fascist groups and France is the best nation on Earth for tourism.

Those are just two claims from a bizarre new map which reveals the areas where every major country is a world leader.

The tongue-in-cheek infographic highlights the unique 'talent' of each nation - with some results raising eyebrows and others perpetuating world stereotypes.

Some talents may not be a surprise - such as India leading in making movies or Denmark named as the frontrunner in education.

The Spanish, however, might not be too pleased at being the world leader in cocaine use, while those in Benin may not be too happy for being known for bad driving.

The UK has the dubious honour of having the most number of fascist groups in the world, with a total of 34 - although most have dissolved or are inactive.

Some statistics appear to be based on factual evidence, but others are more abstract or bizarre.

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The USA, for example, leads the world in having the most number of Nobel laureates and death by lawnmowers.

The map was compiled by designers at humour website Doghouse Diaries.

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The map, created by three friends based in Washington D.C., cites a wide range of sources from the World Bank to Wikipedia - so you can probably take the results with a pinch of salt.

Russia leads at producing raspberries - 26 per cent of the world's total according to the website's source - and for making nuclear warheads.

New Zealand fits in with their international stereotype for being best at sheep and rugby while Morocco leads in producing couscous.

Doghouse Diaries said: "Most countries lead the world in something - sometimes good things, sometimes not so good things, and sometimes funny things.

"This map shows what each country does best compared to all other countries."

You can take a closer, more detailed look at the map by visiting Doghouse Diaries.