Woman who won £119k from estranged dad’s estate spends it all in nine months - including £81k on drugs

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Brodie Bond has spent every penny of the £119,000 she won from her estranged father’s estate (Channel 9/A Current Affair)

A woman who battled to win a portion of her estranged father’s estate says she has spent every last penny in just nine months.

Brodie Bond became the beneficiary of £119,000 after she contested her father’s will – who left her nothing when he died, according to Channel Nine’s A Current Affair.

The 28-year-old went on to blow the lot on a decadent lifestyle – including a staggering £81,000 on crystal meth.

Ms Bond spent £81,000 on crystal meth (Rex/stock photo)
The 28-year-old blew £38,000 on alcohol, clothes and a car (Channel Nine/A Current Affair)

Ms Bond, from Morwell, Australia, said  that she spent the rest of the cash – some £38,000 – on alcohol, clothes and a car, which she went on to crash.

Insisting she had a right to a large chunk of her estranged father’s estate, she said: ‘Even though he hadn’t been in my life, he was still my dad, and the grief I was going through at the time, I should’ve benefited from that.’


Ms Bond received the money in June 2016 and went on to celebrate her new-found wealth by downing a slab of Jack Daniel’s and vodka shots and taking drugs with a friend.

She added: ‘Why not? It’s not everyday you get that much money.’