'Pompous' Piers Morgan grills Nick Clegg on tuition fees in extraordinary on-air clash

‘Extraordinary man’, Clegg mutters – and it’s not a compliment [GMB]

Nick Clegg and Piers Morgan clashed on Good Morning Britain today during a discussion on tuition fees.

Professional needler Piers Morgan laid into Clegg over the Liberal Democrats‘ part in breaking their pledge to reduce tuition fees during their time as a coalition government with the Conservative Party.

Clegg was left momentarily speechless, before muttering, “Extraordinary man” in a less than complimentary fashion.

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As part of what might be the most polite fight of all time, he went on to say, “You’re so pompous, Piers, you really are” before Piers spluttered his response: “I’m not the one who tripled tuition fees!”

Meanwhile, Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid seemed vaguely embarrassed by the whole debacle.

Neither man is particularly popular among social media users, who seem evenly split about who ‘won’ the exchange on ITV.

Some say Piers ‘destroyed’ Clegg, others say Clegg’s super British insults won the day; either way, politics in 2017 sure is weird.


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