18 shocking sexist vintage adverts

These vintage adverts should make you appreciate modern society.

Decades ago, it was commonplace for advertisers to use more than a hint of misogyny to tout everyday items such as bleach, trousers and cigarettes.

Although these campaigns were deemed perfectly acceptable several decades ago, these posters - some which even condone domestic violence - are shocking by today's standards.

They depict men stepping on women, blowing smoke in their faces and comforting them after they've burnt the dinner.

Some of the posters perpetuate the stereotype that women live to 'serve' their husbands, while another uses a woman's long legs to sell a computer.

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If well-known brands employed such tactics today they would surely be subjected to a barrage of criticism.

Advertising campaigns today still raise eyebrows - most recently a Veet campaign was branded sexist after critics said the adverts suggested women were manly if they didn't wax their legs.

But these adverts were produced in a time when the term 'politically correct' was not in use - and the role of women was very different.


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Take a look at the shocking vintage adverts:

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