Alabama Football Fans Celebrate National Championship Win

Fans of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team flooded the streets of Tuscaloosa after the team’s national championship win against Ohio State on January 11.

The crowded celebration followed a plea from Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, who asked fans to wear masks and limit the size of gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can’t have block parties this year,” Maddox said in a Twitter video on January 8. “There will be a time and place to celebrate, but this is not the time.”

This footage, filmed by James Benedetto of The Tuscaloosa Thread, shows fans swarming University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa on January 11.

Local news reports said that the week ending January 8 was Alabama’s “worst week ever” for new coronavirus cases. Credit: James Benedetto/The Tuscaloosa Thread via Storyful