'Bake Off' Final 2020: Which contestant had a disastrous wobble in custard challenge?

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Dave, Laura and Peter.
Dave, Laura and Peter.

The pressure of being a Great British Bake Off finalist proved too much for one contestant, who had a potentially competition-ending wobble during a custard challenge.

Laura, Peter and Dave are the Bake Off 2020 finalists and nerves were running high with all three as they entered the tent for their grand final signature bake - custard slices.

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But Laura, who labelled herself “the underdog” at the start of the episode, had a nightmare in the first round when her custard refused to set, leaving her crying into the fridge at the end of the bake.

It was a familiar problem for Laura, who has suffered in previous challenges with ice cream that wouldn’t set and a chocolate mirror glaze that melted away in the heat.

Her yuzu custard slices collapsed in a liquid puddle on her bench as she tried to turn them out of their tin with just five minutes to go - leaving her with little choice but to serve them as they were.

Presenter Noel Fielding tried to give her a pep talk about Bjorn Borg’s attitude to forgetting failures and moving on, but as he called time, Laura retreated to her fridge and sobbed into the open door, telling competitor Dave: “Just leave me alone.”

She told Hollywood and Leith: “It looks like it's been dropped and I just feel so embarrassed.

“I'm so embarrassed to serve you that, I'm so sorry.”

But as has been the case with some of her other baking mishaps, Hollywood told Laura that despite looking terrible, it tasted absolutely delicious.

In fact, he reckoned the flavour could have been her problem, saying that using lots of flavour often stops custard from setting.

However, this was the final, and with Peter and Dave both having turned out custard slices that wouldn’t look out of place in a top bakery, would flavour be enough to keep Laura in with a chance of winning?

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