Beer garden plans at Dalry pub for this summer are scuppered

Plans for a beer garden for punters outside a Garnock Valley pub have been shelved for the summer after confusion reigned about what was involved.

Alan Cockburn, licence holder of the Tartan Bar in Dalry, appeared before North Ayrshire Licensing Board requesting the new facility. Board chair Eleanor Collier said there had been an objection from within the community and the facility was located near an old people’s home.

She further asked Mr Cockburn for more details about the project but he was unable to give much detail other than that a beer garden was proposed.

Cllr Collier said: “The Board are disappointed that your wife is not here today, as she is involved in the day-to-day control of the premises and she can ask the questions. We expect the licence holder to be here. We have questions about what your wife has submitted as quite honestly some of it does it make sense.”

Mr Cockburn said he had not seen the letter.

Cllr Christina Larsen said only the licence holder’s wife could answer questions they were seeking answers to.

Mr Cockburn said his wife could probably come to the September board, although failing to grant the application would mean they had no benefit of the planned facility this year.

The hours of the beer garden, he said, would be from noon until 8pm or 9pm and plastic glassware would be used.

Cllr Collier said: “I don’t feel we have enough information to make a decision so I suggest we continue this, draw a line under today and come back with a more comprehensive and detailed application and we would like to speak to the day-to-day manager. You have to come prepared.”

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