'Belongings are all you have left': Grieving mother's desperate plea to callous thieves who stole daughter's beloved glasses

Fiona Simpson
Special daughter: Robyn Higgins died in 2013, aged 11: Lisa Higgins/Facebook

A grieving mother has pleaded with callous thieves to return a pair of glasses she kept as a lasting memory of her 11-year-old daughter after she died from cancer.

Robyn Higgins, from Ruislip, west London, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2008 and died following a four-and-a-half year battle with the disease in 2013.

Mum Lisa Higgins had her “special” daughter’s trademark Ray-Ban glasses fitted with new lenses so she could carry a piece of her little girl with her.

Mrs Higgins, 43, who now lives in Frimley, Surrey, left the black wayfarers in her car outside her dad’s house in Gurney Road, Northolt, on February 4.

Desperate appeal: Robyn's beloved glasses have been stolen

After rushing out in “torrential rain” to collect something from the vehicle, Mrs Higgins ran back inside but believes she accidentally left it unlocked.

Days later she went back to her car to discover “it had been ransacked”.

She told the Standard: “It was a mess, they took little, frustrating things like change for parking and my coat and things for the charity shop but a few hours later I realised they had taken my glasses.

“It’s the sentimental value. Robyn had bad eyesight, I think due to her treatment, and she had her heart set on these glasses.

Sadly missed: Lisa Higgins had her daughter's beloved glasses modified so she could wear them

“They were huge, took up most of her face but she loved them. She had no hair, she was going through treatment and they made her feel good.

“After she died, my eyesight started to go and I thought I’d use the frames. It’s like having a little bit of her with me. When your child dies, all you have left are their belongings.”

Mrs Higgins said she “could kick herself” for leaving the glasses in the car.

She urged anybody with them to hand them in to Ruislip Police Station, in The Oaks, with a note.

The Surrey County Council worker added: “No judgement, just give them to somebody to get them back to me.”

Describing her daughter’s “naughty sense of humour”, Mrs Higgins said: “It’s easy to say your child is special but Robyn had something about her.”

Scotland Yard confirmed they had been contacted on Tuesday, February 7 by a woman reporting that her car had been broken into on Saturday, February 4, in Gurney Road, Northolt.

A spokesman said: “A number of items were reported as stolen.

“There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.”