Black Crowes' Rich Robinson shoves invader off stage with his guitar

Rich Robinson used his guitar to put the invader back into the audience credit:Bang Showbiz
Rich Robinson used his guitar to put the invader back into the audience credit:Bang Showbiz

The Black Crowes' Rich Robinson shoved a stage invader back into the crowd with his guitar at their Melbourne concert.

The American rockers were performing at the Palais Theatre on Sunday (20.11.22) when the wayward crowd member was chased by security as he pounced across the stage before being pushed into the audience.

Singer Chris Robinson shouted: “Hey, you throw that mother****** out, right.

“You get the f*** out of here.”

The band - who have been performing their 1990 debut studio album 'Shake Your Money Maker' in its entirety on the jaunt - then resumed playing 'Stare It Cold'.

The brothers reunited in 2019 to announce a 2020 tour, but it was delayed due to the pandemic.

Following five years of estrangement, Chris admitted the relationship between them can still "precarious" so they felt it was important to add all new members to the band.

He said of their early reunion talks: "We were both, right off the bat, 'No one from the past in the band'.

"It's still precarious between us - you throw a bunch of that old s*** around, entrenched patterns of behaviour, and it's just gonna trigger again."

After the group split, Chris privately sought therapy and has found it "unimaginably beneficial".

He said at the time: "I've been in therapy with the same therapist for the past eight or nine years and it has been unimaginably beneficial in my life.

"I was hurt and resentful. I was in a failure of a marriage and I was depressed.

"I needed to find who I was outside of the lead singer of a rock band. I needed a complete dismantling of everything. I wanted to live another dream."

The siblings are joined by bassist Sven Pipien, while their touring line-up includes guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, keyboardist Joel Robinow, drummer Brian Griffin and the latest addition, keyboard player Erik Deutsch.