It is cheaper flying to Beijing that taking a return trip from London to Glasgow

Thinking of taking the train? Sometimes the plane can be cheaper – and offer an even further journey

Rising rail prices have made it cheaper to fly from Heathrow to Beijing than taking a trip from London to Glasgow by train.

A same-day return ticket from London to Glasgow could now cost passengers as much as £310.50.

The eye-watering prices follow a record increase in UK train ticket fares over the New Year period.


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However, Beijing is not the only holiday destination cheaper to visit than Glasgow – here are five examples where taking the train is more expensive than the plane.

1. Beijing

You can fly to Beijing for less than it costs to get a return-trip from London to Glasgow

Perhaps the most surprising destination one could head to for the price of a Glasgow return trip is the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Visit the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and more for as little as £280.

The journey does include a stop – as does the return journey from Glasgow.

Of course, remember to pack warm – it is often below freezing in the city this time of year.

So sit back, relax, and prepare for the 15+ hours flight – all for less than a return trip from London to Glasgow.

2. Paris

You could visit Paris, stay two nights and visit the Eiffel Tower all for the price of a return train ticket to Glasgow

Closer to home, a far cheaper trip than Glasgow is a weekend visit to the “City of Love” – including a return ticket.

Travelling to Paris could cost passengers as little as £94, cheaper than a one-way train fare from London to Glasgow.

In fact, you can get the flights to Paris, book a hotel for two nights, and visit the Eiffel Tower for the price of taking the train.


3. Edinburgh

It is now cheaper to fly to visit Edinburgh Castle than to take a train

For those who want to stay closer to home, consider taking a flight to Edinburgh rather than the train.

Those wanting a same-day return trip from London to the Scottish capital can get a £54 deal by taking to the skies.

By rail? A far heftier £86.

4. Aberdeen

The Scottish city of Aberdeen is yet another destination cheaper to reach by plane than train

Sticking in Scotland, Aberdeen is yet another destination cheaper by plane than train.

A return day-trip from London to the coastal port city by plane can cost £70, or £116 to get in a fuller day.

Passengers travelling on the locomotive, however, could find themselves up to £262.55 worse off.

5. Iran, Bangkok and more

Want to spend one night in Bangkok? It’s cheaper than a trip between London and Manchester

And then to the post that started it all.

Taking Virgin Trains from London to Manchester, one passenger (only known as “Laura”) showed her two-way ticket cost a whopping £484.

For that, she could have taken a flight to several cities around the world – including Bangkok.

Some on social media pointed out the ticket was for first class, offered the most flexible, anytime return, and was booked by her employer.

However, one man pointed out he had flown to Iran for cheaper.

Another pointed out for £8 more, she could have gone to Tokyo.

For the price of a ticket to Glasgow or Manchester, you really could travel the world.