Coleen Nolan defends Wayne Rooney but insists he needs therapy - EXCLUSIVE

Last week Wayne Rooney was arrested and charged for drink driving after he was found driving another woman’s car intoxicated.

His pregnant wife of nine years, Coleen, was on holiday abroad with their three sons as Wayne reportedly “kissed and cuddled” single mother Laura Simpson, who has since suggested that she would have “spent the night” with Wayne had it not been for his arrest.

“Embarrassed” Coleen rushed back to England from Majorca to confront her husband, who she met in school at the age of 12, dated from the age of 16 and then finally married in June 2008.

Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen, as Coleen Nolan urges the pair to get therapy. (PA/WENN)

Their troubled marriage has brought back memories for Loose Women star Coleen Nolan – who split with Shane Richie in 1997 after it emerged he had cheated on her – and she has some sound words of advice for the young couple, insisting Wayne needs “therapy” and they need to put “everything on the table” with a mediator present so that Coleen can make a fully formed decision about the future of her marriage.

Asked what advice she’d give to the Everton star, she exclusively told Yahoo Celeb UK: “If I had advice for both of them, and they are going to try to stay together, it would be they get therapy, you know – marriage guidance. Put everything out on the table with a mediator there. He’s obviously been with her since they were 16, he’s got these girls – I was going to say ladies but they’re not – throwing themselves at him and I know people should say ‘you should have will power,’ but when you’ve had a drink, it’s not easy, you lose all sense.

“I’m not condoning what he did but he needs to learn self control. And I think if they’re staying together then they’ve got to have counselling.”

Wayne and Coleen in 2017, and Shane and Coleen in 1997. (PA)

“Men hate counselling but in Wayne’s case I don’t think he should have a choice I think he does need help.”

Coleen, 52, has sons Jake, 24, and Shane, 28, with her ex, and has implored Coleen not to make any hasty decisions or feel be swayed by pressure to leave the father of her kids Kai, seven, four-year-old Klay, and one-year-old Kit.

She added: “I’m not saying she should stay with him, but I’m saying she should think about what she really wants to do and not be influenced by everyone telling her what to do, because it’s all very easy for us to say what she should do but we’re not involved. And I’ve been in her position, and I just think she needs to take time to let the anger go, her pride, and cry her tears, and then make a choice that makes her happy.

“They’ve been together since they will 16, that’s a lot of years years. It’s a hard thing to finish with someone and I think the decision is hers and she shouldn’t make it because she thinks everyone will think bad of her if she stays.”

Coleen and her Loose Women ladies on the red carpet of the TV Choice awards (WENN)

Meanwhile, recalling her night with the former England footballer, Laura previously told the Mail Online: “Was I going to spend the night with him? Yes, perhaps, we hadn’t really discussed it.

“I’m not a marriage wrecker it was all playful fun and I’d had loads to drink. We had a kiss, a hug, some banter, harmless fun.”


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