Coronavirus: Motorists 'will still be insured' for non-essential lockdown journeys

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Drivers who make non-essential journeys during lockdown will still be insured, following claims they may not be covered.

A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers said: "Motor insurers continue to cover those using their vehicle for commuting to work and NHS volunteering without you having to first tell them.

"You should follow government restrictions, but if you do use your car for non-essential travel, you will not risk invalidating your car insurance."

The comments come after it was claimed motorists could end up paying "thousands" for repairs if they are involved in an accident during a non-essential trip.

Florence Codjoe of told the Daily Mirror: "You could end up paying thousands for repairs.

"If you're unsure about cover during lockdown, speak to your insurer for clarification."

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