Coyote Injured in Illegal Jaw Trap Returned to Wild

A coyote, caught in an illegal jaw trap on a residential property in February, was released back into the wild on Friday, March 10, according to the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS).

The adult female coyote was found on February 17 by SDHS as she dangled from a chain link fence with a jaw trap attached to her left front leg.

The coyote was transported to SDHS Ramona Wildlife Center, where Project Wildlife’s medical team provided pain medication, took X-rays and tended to her wounds. The coyote sustained soft tissue damage to her leg due to the trap, but no permanent damage. Veterinarians also carried out dental care on the coyote, due to tooth damage most likely caused by trying to free herself from the trap.

“When she first came in, we didn’t think she was going to make it,” said Andy Blue, campus director of the Ramona Wildlife Center. “Typically, animals caught in these awful traps have such extensive damage, that they are unable to return to the wild and fend for themselves.”

The coyote was released back into the wild not far from where she was found.

SDHS Humane Law Enforcement is investigating this as felony animal cruelty, since jaw traps are illegal.

Regina Price of SDHS Humane Law Enforcement said of the traps: “Not only are they extremely inhumane, anyone can get caught in them —children, pets and wildlife. There is no excuse for placing them in the community.” Credit: San Diego Humane Society via Storyful