Damage Seen in Central Wisconsin as Tornado Confirmed Locally

At least one tornado touched down in rural Wisconsin on Wednesday, June 15, the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed.

Shortly after 4 pm, the NWS office in La Crosse tweeted that a confirmed tornado was “headed toward Oakdale,” urging people in the area to take cover.

Authorities warned residents in the north of Juneau County that a “rain wrapped” tornado was on the ground, making it hard to spot.

This footage was posted by Sam Kaufmann, who said the video shows damage near Wyeville, north of Oakdale. Credit: Sam Kaufmann via Storyful

Video transcript


SAM KAUFMANN: There you go.

- (ON RADIO) We-- we can-- I can hear it in the background. I don't know if everybody can hear it on the screen and--

SAM KAUFMANN: Look at this here, folks.

- (ON RADIO) --on the radio here.

SAM KAUFMANN: This is someone's home, folks.

- (ON RADIO) But we can definitely hear the small hail [INAUDIBLE].

SAM KAUFMANN: Unbelievable. Look at this. Look at-- this is someone's--


SAM KAUFMANN: I don't know if they're raising cattle.

- (ON RADIO) --there's little--

SAM KAUFMANN: There's a tree.

- (ON RADIO) There's just pockets of rotation--

SAM KAUFMANN: That's a big, big--

- (ON RADIO) --everywhere. Just to the southeast of--

SAM KAUFMANN: --big tree.

- (ON RADIO) --Adams--


- (ON RADIO) --there's a pocket of rotation--

SAM KAUFMANN: This road is actually passable.

- (ON RADIO) --heading toward Grand Mars. Even if there's no tornado in Grand Mars, there's still the possibility--

SAM KAUFMANN: should be able to get through here.

- (ON RADIO) --of 60 to 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts.

SAM KAUFMANN: OK. Yep, thank you. Look at this roof. That was an A-frame house right here. The roof is completely gone. Completely. It's like a flat-- this is horrific. Absolutely horrific. These are the power lines, which you can see here are down. All of this debris. Don't go sightseeing, please.

This is-- this is tough stuff right here. Clearly this is a detour that people are trying to use to get through and, you know, I appreciate that. Everybody's got to get to go where they want to go. But oh my goodness! Right there, folks. This is-- this is tough, tough stuff right here. This--

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