'Oh my days!' David Cameron causes a photo frenzy in Nando's

Diners at the popular chicken restaurant Nando's got a shock when they saw the Prime Minister walk in for a chicken dinner.

People tweeted their surprise as David Cameron sat down for a meal in the Portuguese chicken chain in Park Street, Bristol.

Astonished diners reached for their phones to take surreptitious - and some not so subtle - photos. One bold individual even got the Conservative leader to pose for a selfie.


[PM won't intervene over halal meat]


Excited Becky Smith managed to tweet the picture with the caption '#snapapolitician lol'.

And Melissa Smith tweeted a picture of the politician, saying 'Oh my days in nandos and David Cameron walks in.'

The Prime Minister reportedly tucked into a half chicken with a side of coleslaw and chips and finished it off with a glass of red wine.

As controversy around the labelling and serving of halal meat in supermarkets and restaurants continue, Nando's has revealed that 64 of its 314 outlets serve only halal chicken.

But Mr Cameron has refused to be drawn into the row. His official spokesman said: 'The Prime Minister's view is that it is an issue of consumer choice and consumer information.

'So it is a matter for retailers and restaurants to work with customers and consumer groups and representatives of faith organisations.'

The Prime Minister's visit to the fast food chain was greeted with less vitriol than that of George Osborne's photo of himself snacking on a burger before delivering last year's spending review.

His followers were not impressed by the choice of restaurant - the posh chain Byron, where burgers range from £6.75 to £9.95.

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