Doctor Who: What we want in Series 10

‘Doctor Who’ is currently filming Series 10… so what do we want to see?

That’s right folks – ‘Doctor Who’ is currently filming its next action-packed episodes. But with Series 10 coming some time in 2017, we’ve got a bit of a wait before we find out what The Doctor has in store for us. Will he go up against the Daleks and Cybermen once again?

Could we see the return of Ashildr, or a cameo from Jack Harkness?

There’s plenty of stuff we’d like to see…

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Here’s what we want from ‘Doctor Who’ Series 10:

A Kick-Ass New Companion

Thankfully, the new companion is already sorted… and Pearl Mackie looks suitably awesome in her new role as ‘Bill’. Although we know very little about the character, her sassy attitude (as seen in the recent companion reveal) is something we can see working incredibly well opposite Capaldi’s stone-faced Doctor.

And her lack of experience on the TARDIS is going to be hilarious.

But most importantly, it looks as though Bill is going to be a breath of fresh air. What little we’ve seen of her so far indicates that she’s not beyond talking over The Doctor… and her quick tongue could potentially cause some amusing moments as they galaxy-hop together.

Especially if she annoys some of the locals.

Return of Some Classic Villains?

Wouldn’t it be great to see more of ‘Doctor Who’s most iconic villains?

What about the Rani – a renegade Time Lord who know the Doctor and the Master from back when they were all young? Played by Kate O’Mara in the original ‘Doctor Who’, she went up against the sixth and seventh Doctors… perhaps it’s time to give her a more modern story.

Most recently, we saw my personal favourite, the Great Intelligence, in the 2012 ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special. And that’s the perfect example of how a classic villain can become a real showstopper.

There are certainly plenty of awesome villains in ‘Doctor Who’ history… and maybe it’s time some of them came out to play.

Another Encounter with Missy

Obviously, it’s bound to happen. Missy and The Doctor always seem to have unfinished business… not to mention that Michelle Gomez – the incredible actress who brings Missy to life – has already signed on for Series 10.

But what does that mean for The Doctor?

The last time we saw her was on the Dalek home world of Skaro. After manipulating Clara into suiting up a broken Dalek, the despicable Missy attempted to convince that Doctor that the Dalek was in fact, just a Dalek… and that he should lay waste to it.

Thankfully, the Doctor saw through this ruse and simply told Missy to run.

But where has she been in the meantime? And when will she return?

No More Guitar Solos

I know, I know… Peter Capaldi can play the guitar. It’s almost amazing that an actor could also be musically talented to boot. But do we really have to hear him rock out again and again and again?

I might be alone on this one, but Capaldi’s more musical movements are just a bit cringeworthy. Sure, it was a fun idea to happen once. But perhaps The Doctor should hang up his axe in Series 10 and pick up his sonic screwdriver instead.

Or he could always form a cover band with Bill and Missy.

Some Of Our Favourite Writers

Wouldn’t it be great to see Neil Gaiman return to ‘Doctor Who’?

We’ve seen a number of impressive writers pen episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ over the last few years… including legendary author, Neil Gaiman. But he’s not the only one. Fan favourite, Mark Gatiss has been known to put together a fun few episodes. And even British filmmaker Richard Curtis has written an episode.

But who do we really want to see back?

Series 9 included some fantastic scripts from the likes of Toby Whithouse, Catherine Tregenna and Sarah Dollard. And the episodes ‘Under the Lake’ and ‘Before the Flood’ really stood out.

More Classic Doctor Who Monsters

Of course, we always want to see more of our favourite ‘Doctor Who’ monsters… and perhaps an appearance from the Daleks, Cybermen or even the Zygons would be a welcome addition to Series 10.

But then, there are so many to choose from…

We’ve already had some recent appearances from the most memorable ‘Doctor Who’ monsters… but how about one that we never remember at all? That’s right – The Silence.

The last we saw of them, The Silence had fulfilled their goal in destroying the Daleks and stopping the Doctor from restoring the Time Lords. But could another brush with Gallifrey bring about their return?

It could be a stroke of genius to put The Silence up against the twelfth Doctor.

‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC One in 2017.

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Picture Credit: BBC

What do you want to see in ‘Doctor Who’ Series 10? Are you looking forward to the new series? Leave your comments below… and follow Ryan Leston on Twitter, Facebook or my official Tumblr blog for more on the latest TV shows.

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