Eeh, yuk! What’s that smell? How a dirty nappy managed to ground a passenger jet

Gaby Leslie

It can't have been easy for the passengers, the cabin crew or anyone with a baby on Quantas flight 825.

For the passenger jet was reportedly grounded after a particularly vicious odour permeated the aircraft - all caused by a soiled nappy stuck in a toilet.

The terrible odour wafted through the cabin on last Sunday’s Qantas Flight 825 en route from Darwin to Brisbane.

Passengers started complaining mid-air as the plane was on en route from Darwin to Brisbane and, following procedure, the pilots had no choice but to land the plane immediately in Mt Isa - 1,500 miles away from its intended destination.

It was there that the nappy was removed.

According to reports, it was found wedged in one of the toilets after someone attempted to flush it away.

If the emergency landing wasn’t hassle enough, the small airport couldn’t cope with a plane as large as the Boeing 737 so passengers had to be escorted off the plane with a forklift - removing five people at a time.

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The process took two hours to disembark all 160 passengers and a new aircraft then came to pick them up.

Blogger 'Frank Smith', who claims to work for the airline, wrote on the Aviation Herald website: "Unfortunately the fumes turned out to be a very smelly nappy dumped in the fwd toilet.

"Procedures dictate to land as soon as possible. It's very embarrassing for us all at Qantas, but, better safe than sorry."

Speaking with an Australian news site, Qantas spokeswoman Lauren Blank failed to confirm or deny the allegations. However, she said that an ‘odour’ was detected on the flighT.