Fergie's NBA All-Star National Anthem draws criticism

Mayer Nissim
Photo credit: TNT

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If you've heard one version of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at an American sporting event, you've heard them all... or at least most of them.

Breathy, respectful, hopefully in-key and with an air of dull reverence.

Pink pulled out the "I've got the flu" card before this year's Super Bowl, but still managed to deliver a pretty solid, safe performance in the end.

So respect should be paid to ex-Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, who did something a little different with the US national anthem before the NBA All-Star Game 2018 last night.

Fergie gave the unusual rendition before Team LeBron (Eastern Conference All-Stars) took on Team Stephen (Western Conference All-Stars), and you can watch it below.

It's fair to say that not everyone is a fan, and we've rounded up some of the most damning criticism below:

Not all of you loved the arrangement