Football Supporter Dragged Away After Invading Field With Smoke Bomb

The NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills on September 8, in the SoFi stadium in Inglewood, southwest of Los Angeles, California, was interrupted when a supporter ran onto the field with a flare.

Video recorded by Daniel DegtjarI shows a Rams player picking up a pink smoke bomb and throwing it away, while security holds the fan to the ground.

The supporter is then dragged out of the field.

Degtjar told Storyful that he initially thought the incident had been “planned and staged” before realizing that a supporter had just run onto the field.

“I was surprised,” he said, adding that the person was “hemmed up and carried out” by security.

Degtjar said that some of the players seemed unhappy with the disruption. “One of them picked up the smoke bomb and threw it off the field,” he said.

The season opener saw the Buffalo Bills beating the Los Angeles Rams 31-10. Credit: Daniel Degtjar via Storyful

Video transcript