'Gogglebox' star Mary Cook dies aged 92

Mary Cook and Marina Wingrove in Gogglebox (Channel 4)
Mary Cook and Marina Wingrove in Gogglebox. (Channel 4)

Gogglebox star Mary Cook has died at the age of 92, a statement from Channel 4 has confirmed.

The Bristol resident and her best friend Marina Wingrove were fan favourites on the TV review show, which they joined in 2016.

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A statement from Channel 4 and production firm Studio Lambert said: "We are extremely saddened to share that Gogglebox star Mary Cook passed away in hospital this weekend at the age of 92 with her family by her side.

"Beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and dear friend to many, Mary, who worked in the hospitality trade, had been married and widowed twice."

It continued: "Bristolians Mary and Marina met at St Monica's Trust retirement village over 10 years ago and have been best friends ever since. They joined Gogglebox in 2016 at the end of series eight and became instant fan favourites due to their brilliantly witty and often cheeky moments.

"Mary will be sorely missed by the entire Gogglebox family, cast and crew. Our love and thoughts are with Mary's family, friends, and Marina. The family have asked for privacy at this sad time."

The pair were absent from a recent series of the show after producers decided to keep them safe from coronavirus by not going into their home to film.

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In an interview on the website of their residential home St Monica's Trust, Cook and Wingrove explained what it had been like to become TV stars later in life.

Cook said: “We’re just talking to each other and having a laugh, aren’t we? We do say some cheeky things, but they don’t always put them on the show.”

Wingrove said she had been approached outside Asda by someone working on Gogglebox who asked if she'd like to take part.

Pete McGarry died earlier this year. (Channel 4)
Pete McGarry died earlier this year. (Channel 4)

She said: “Then she said 'have you got a friend?' And like that, Mary came round the corner on her scooter.”

Cook said of the reaction to her fame: “When it came on, people went 'what?' That was the shock effect it gave to people. My granddaughter watches it in Australia and she said to me, 'Oh nan, smile a bit more. I’ve never known you short of words, but you won’t open your mouth.'"

Cook is the second Gogglebox star to pass away recently, after Pete McGarry died of bowel cancer in June aged 71.

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