Half of British men and 20 per cent of women would have sex with a robot

More men than women would have sex with a robot
More men than women would have sex with a robot

Almost 50 per cent of men and 20 per cent of women in Britain would have sex with a robot, according to a new survey.

The wide-ranging poll, published by Die Welt, found that 52 per cent of German men and 22 per cent of women would try out a “sexbot”.

In the UK, 47.4 per cent of men and 19.5 per cent of women said they would be up for a sexual encounter with an artificial creation.

The poll was created by Syzygy, a German digital communications agency, which questioned 6,000 people, across three countries: the UK, US and Germany.

The author of the study, Paul Marsden, a psychologist, said that, traditionally, Germans are more open to new things in the bedroom than Americans or Brits.

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“A series of surveys has shown that Germans are relatively open to sex technology and sex toys — we could see sex robots as the next development in this market,” he said.

The rise of sex robots have made headlines in recent months, not all of it positive.

One model, the ‘Roxxxy TrueCompanion’ has a number of programmable settings which will give ‘her’ one of several personality options.

‘S&M Susan’ will mean “she is ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies”, for example, but some setting are incredibly controversial.

There is a ‘Young Yoko’ option, which means she is “barely 18”, or the ‘Frigid Farrah’ which when touched in a private area “more than likely, she will not be to [sic] appreciative of your advance”.

According to another recent poll, 40 per cent of us don’t see sex with robots as cheating.

However, one in three interviewees said they would be “horrified” if a friend had a relationship with a robot.

Matt McMullen, the CEO of RealDoll, a sex robot creator, has said that the bots are perfectly harmless — and are designed to bring companionship.

McMullen told the Daily Star: “The idea of the robot is to help someone find a level of companionship that they may not be able to achieve otherwise.

“You will be able to say to her: ‘I’m hungry, what should I eat?’ and she would say: ‘Well you told me pizza is your favourite food maybe you should have that”.

“Once the robot is out you’ll be able to connect the AI that’s been created to the robot.”

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