Iain Lee walks off The Wright Stuff after cringeworthy interview

Matthew Wright rubbed former I’m A Celeb star Iain Lee up the wrong way when he appeared on his show.

During today’s The Wright Stuff, the comedian and radio presenter, 44, became visibly angry when the programme’s host Wright, 52, persisted with a line of questioning he was clearly uncomfortable with.

On his stint on I’m A Celeb, Lee was praised for opening up and speaking honestly about mental health and his personal struggles. Since the reality show, he says he’s been more recognised by people, including kids, and insisted: ‘Things are good for me,’ after Wright questioned the subjects he’d allegedly spoken about on radio.

Wright spoke to him after revelations over the weekend that Lee was leaving his wife, after he made the admission on TalkRADIO, after confessing: ‘My marriage has ended. I’m getting divorced.’ He followed that up with:

I’ve been thinking a lot today about taking drugs. I wanted to take drugs quite a lot. I’ve really been craving and obsessing about drugs’ before sharing that he’s been clean and sober for 13 years.

‘I saw in the papers at the weekend – depressed, marriage woes, worries you might no longer be sober,’ Wright brazen asked. To which Lee sternly refused to discuss such matters; citing them as private and personal matters.

The pair fell out live on The Wright Stuff. (REX)
The pair fell out live on The Wright Stuff. (REX)

Wright didn’t understand how they were personal if he’d spoken about them on radio, but Lee had a different opinion on the matter.

He differentiated between the things he chooses to share while on air presenting his radio show, compared to what the tabloid papers print: ‘I say stuff on the radio show…it’s different for me saying stuff on the radio show because I know the audience, to it appearing in the papers,’ he clarified.

‘Don’t worry about me, I’m good’, reiterated Lee, after Wright wouldn’t let the tabloid speculations drop until he got an answer.

The atmosphere turned extremely awkward when Wright’s guest reminded him: ‘Here’s the thing, Matthew, I told your producers three times I’m not talking about this – it’s private.’ And after baiting him some more, Lee was on the verge of leaving mid-interview: ‘I’m so close to telling you to f-off and walking off right now.’

Once the show returned from a break, Lee had left the seated panel of guests and never returned. He later tweeted his frustration of the situation; highlighting that he wasn’t about to allow his health issues become daytime entertainment.

‘My mental health is not entertainment. My personal life is not entertainment. I am fine. Better than I’ve been for a long time,’ he shared to his 103,000 followers.

He went on to say how he’d be donating his fee to the Samaritans, too.

‘I’ll be donating today’s fee of £280 to @samaritans I didn’t earn that money and I certainly don’t want it. Let’s see some good come of something so unpleasant.’

Fans seemed in full support of the star, who has no problem calling the show out for the way they handle and perceive mental health.

Iain, during his time on I’m A Celeb. (ITV)
Iain, during his time on I’m A Celeb. (ITV)

The Samaritans even thanked him ‘for his generosity’ on Twitter and for the kind donation.

Lee reached the final of I’m A Celeb back in December of last year, but fans we outraged that the popular campmate only came third. Despite his open and honest approach to discussing mental health, many thought fellow celebs on the show were bullying him throughout the experience.

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