Katie Price putting son Harvey into care so he can get 'daily exercise'

Chris Edwards

Katie Price has confirmed she’s sending her son Harvey into residential care after admitting she can’t give him daily exercise.

The former glamour model believes she’s being “selfish” by wanting to keep her 16-year-old son around her all the time, and that he is more likely to receive the things he needs while in care.

In a scene from the finale of her series My Crazy Life, Price explains to boyfriend Kris Boyson that she has “no option” but to put Harvey into a care facility.

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After Boyson read her a magazine story about her putting Harvey into care, Price confirmed that it was true, stating: “I don’t want him to go, but the doctors, my mum, everyone is saying it’s the best thing for him.”

Speaking directly to the camera, Price then added: “What they can offer Harvey what I can’t is daily exercise, keeping him on a healthy food plan, he can’t go into the cupboards and eat, he gets to socialise with his friends, it’s more freedom for him.”

The scene then cut back to Price and Harvey relaxing on the sofa, as she said she’d still see him regularly and take him swimming.

Katie said this week she is considering putting her son Harvey into a residential care home. (Getty Images)

Asked by Boyson if she was definitely thinking about putting Harvey into care, she replied: “You know, he is 16 and I suppose I’m the selfish one because I just want him with me all the time. I have to think about it, I haven’t really got an option really, he has to go, I haven’t got an option.”

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