Kristen Stewart Is Making Another Vampire Movie, And As A Twilight Stan I'm So In

 Kristen Stewart as a vampire in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.
Kristen Stewart as a vampire in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

I don’t mind saying it out loud, Twilight is one of the best vampire movies out there, especially when it comes to how it captured teen angst and first love through Bella and Edward’s twisted romance. But after Kristen Stewart spent five years of her life in Stephanie Meyer’s gloomy fictional town of Forks, I never imagined she would sign on for another vampire movie - especially after saying she would dump Edward Cullen now. But K-Stew has just in fact put her name on a vampire movie, and I can’t wait.

Even though I’m among a large and loyal fanbase of the Twilight franchise, I’m happy Kristen Stewart has branched out and away from the series rather than playing Bella for decade upon decade. Even though the movies are blasts to rewatch, it’s been amazing to see the actress make all sorts of movies outside the genre, whether that be her Oscar-nominated role in Spencer or her recent A24 flick, Love Lies Bleeding. It will be exciting to see her return to the world of bloodsuckers in a new way. Let’s talk about it.

The Vampire Movie Kristen Stewart Just Signed On For

Kristen Stewart has signed on for a movie called Flesh Of The Gods alongside Oscar Isaac, per The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is described as a “vampire thriller” that will have the two stars playing a married couple living in 1980s’ Los Angeles where they “cross paths with the mysterious and enigmatic woman and her hard-partying cabal” they get “seduced into a glamorous, surrealistic world of hedonism, thrills, and violence.”

The movie is set to be helmed by Panos Cosmatos, who is best known for making 2018’s Mandy starring Nicolas Cage. Cosmatos thought up the story himself and described it as “a hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell,” and Andrew Kevin Walker, who famously wrote the script for Se7en, has penned Flesh Of The Gods. The movie is already expected to begin production later this year.

Why It Has Me Excited As A Twilight Stan

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Kristen Stewart in Love Lies Bleeding
Kristen Stewart in Love Lies Bleeding

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Aside from seeing Kristen Stewart continue to make her film career her own with bold choices like this one, as a Twilight stan, I hope this means we’ll finally get to see her go full vampire mode. While we did get to see Bella turn into a vampire during Breaking Dawn Part 2, I always have wished there was more of the story devoted to the character as a vampire, because it would have been so fun. Obviously, this movie is a whole different concept and story, but I’m going to smile so hard if Stewart gets to turn into a vampire this time around in what seems to be a sultry, R-rated take on the fantastical nightstalkers.

While there’s no release date set for Flesh Of The Gods, I’m excited for it to arrive among upcoming horror movies. While K-Stew is not coming back to the world of Twilight, now we’ll get to see her in a vampire flick and see the Twilight animated TV show that is in the works. It’s a win-win!