London Pride 2024 start time, date, parade route, schedule, stages and parking

Pride parade
-Credit: (Image: Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images)

London Pride is upon us once more and with it of course of the flamboyant showcase of all things rainbow-coloured and LGTBQ+. On Saturday, June 29 central London will be the setting of a huge parade as well as several stage performances and public events in various famous squares.

We've managed to round up all the vital information for the big weekend so you don't miss out on any of the festivities, or avoid the likely disruptions to traffic they'll inevitably bring - your call. Let's start with the parade which is returning to its heritage route for 2024.

It will begin at 12pm on Saturday where everyone will assemble on Park Lane. The procession will then travel down Piccadilly, crossing Piccadilly Circus, travelling down Haymarket, turning left towards Trafalgar Square and dispersing on Whitehall Place. The parade will be over by 6pm that day.

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Pride parade
Last year over a million people watched the 51st annual Pride parade in which an estimated 30,000 people took part from over 600 organisations including many LGBT+ community groups -Credit:Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images

The whole route of the parade will be closed for the day which will affect vehicular access for businesses and residents. All feeder roads into the closed roads will also be affected and as a result, normal deliveries and waste collections may be affected on Saturday 29th June 2024.

Along Piccadilly, there will be facilitated vehicle access to travel from South around St James’s Street and heading North in the morning of the event. This is one-directional however (see Road Closures Map below). There are also pedestrian crossing points across Piccadilly at several points which go in both directions. There are also many along Haymarket and a couple on Whitehall so it won't be too difficult to navigate on foot, by car it is a different story however.

Pride London map
The purple line shows the parade route while the different coloured squares show the different stage areas for the various events of the day -Credit:Pride in London

Event areas

Dame Kelly Holmes on stage during Pride in London 2022
There will be several staged events ongoing throughout the day across central London -Credit:Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride In London

The event areas are shown on the map above in coloured squares. The event areas for 2024 are:

  • Trafalgar Square -> Main Stage

  • Golden Square -> The World Stage

  • Leicester Square -> LGBTQIA+ Women

  • Dean Street -> The Cabaret Stage

  • Victoria Embankment -> The Family Area

  • Soho Square -> Trans and Non-Binary Stage, with Pride in London Community Market

All areas run from 12:00 to 20:00 with the exception of the Family Area which will run from 12:00 to 18:00. The locations where the events are being held will be disrupted on other days for set up and clear up of the festivities. This means they will have altered opening hours and may have sections closed for public access due to the set up of the event:

Homoparody perform on stage during Pride in London 2022
Public access to the event areas will be disrupted around Pride weekend -Credit:Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride In London

Leicester Square Gardens

  • Friday 28th June - East side of the Gardens will be closed

  • 12pm to 8pm Saturday 29th June - Gardens will be open to the public for the event

  • 10am Sunday 30th June - Gardens reopen

Soho Square Gardens

  • 12pm to 8pm Saturday 29th June - Gardens will be open to the public for the event. The majority of event activities are located on street and outside the Gardens

  • 11am Sunday 30th June - Gardens reopen

Golden Square Gardens

  • Friday 28th June - West side of the Gardens will be closed

  • 12am to 8pm Saturday 29th June - Gardens will be open to the public for the event

  • 11am Sunday 30th June - Gardens reopen

St Anne’s Church Garden

  • Saturday 29th June - Gardens will be closed to the public

  • 10am Sunday 30th June - Gardens reopen


A rainbow coloured hearse during Pride
Parking will have extra restrictions on the day -Credit:Peter Nicholls/Getty Images for Pride In London

Parking and vehicle access will be affected along the Parade route. Parking suspensions will also be in place across the footprint. Zone G Permit holders will be able to park in Resident Parking Bays in E (Mayfair) & F (north of Oxford Street) zones during the event parking suspensions. This will be from 6.30pm on Friday 28th June 2024 to 8.30am on Monday 1st July 2024. Please find a link here for further information on Westminster Permit Zones.

Drop-in session for residents

The Pride in London team have set up drop-in sessions for residents along the Pride footprint to give them the opportunity to meet the team, ask any questions, share any queries or just say hello.

Two RBL sessions are being held, one of which was on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday but if you missed that there is another one on 29th May 2024, 5pm to 8pm located upstairs @ Soho Residence, 83-85 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6QE.

Can’t make these dates? Send your questions or query to our dedicated RBL team, request a virtual meeting or arrange an appointment:

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