I’m not the greatest chef but I can make a fish pie, says PM

Sophie Morris
·1-min read

Boris Johnson has admitted he is “not the greatest chef” but can make a fish pie with haddock and prawns.

The revelation came from the Prime Minister after he was invited by Conservative MP Sheryll Murray (South East Cornwall) to learn from a top British cook how easy it is to prepare a dish “using British-caught fish”.

Ms Murray made the offer as part of a suggestion for the Government to encourage consumers to buy British fish following the EU’s “disgraceful” treatment of UK fishing exports.

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Speaking during PMQs, Ms Murray told the Commons: “We’ve seen the disgraceful way the EU have responded to UK fish exports.

“Part of the answer is for UK consumers to buy British fish.

“As chairman of the all-party parliamentary group for fisheries, could I invite the Prime Minister to join a fantastic British chef to show how easy it is to prepare and cook a dish using British-caught fish?”

Mr Johnson replied: “Well I am very happy to take up (Ms Murray’s suggestion).

“I am not the greatest chef myself, but I have made and can make, from memory, a fish pie with haddock and prawns which I undertake to do.”

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