MAFS UK divides fans as Adrienne doesn't want kids but STAYS with Matt who does

MAFS UK: Couples split and stay in final vow renewal ceremony

MAFS UK: Adrienne and Matt stay together even though they don't have the same views on having children (Channel 4)
MAFS UK: Adrienne and Matt stay together even though they don't have the same views on having children (Channel 4)

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MAFS UK couple Adrienne and Matt decided to stay together in the final vow renewal ceremony leaving fans of the show torn.

The topic of children was a source of tension in the TV experiment as Adrienne make it clear she didn't want kids from the start while Matt had always dreamed of having children.

Despite wanting different things from their futures, Adrienne and Matt committed to try and make their marriage work in the outside world.

What, how and why?

MAFS UK's Matt looked nervous ahead of the decision (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Matt looked nervous ahead of the decision (Channel 4)

Social media predicted Adrienne and Matt's romance wouldn't last because they didn't agree on having children or not having children.

Matt had told Adrienne that he would love to have children with her. "If I had the option I would like to have children with you. If I have kids with you, it's a bonus, if we don't, we don't." He said.

With five days to reflect at their respective homes without their partner, both Adrienne and Matt were left worrying about wanting different things in the future.

Adrienne told her mum: "Matt said he did want kids. I worry it gets to three years and I'm not ready." But she added: "I think we could work."

Also, Matt confided in his mum about his concerns about their romance relationship. "There is quite a big concern that Adrienne doesn't want kids," he said. "That is obviously a massive hurdle. It was a shock."

His mum doesn't hide her disappointment at the news. "You know how much I wanted to be a grandma, and you a dad," she said.

Social media was awash with fans "upset" over Adrienne and Matt's decision to stay together as the couple couldn't agree on whether to have children.

MAFS UK's Adrienne was dressed up for the special occasion (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Adrienne was dressed up for the special occasion (Channel 4)

"Well that was another surprise ending for Adrienne and Matt. One though I fear that is not going to end up happy ever after as they have opposing views on children."

"I'm finding Matt and Adrienne's relationship genuinely upsetting. Why the hell did they pair them with such different life goals? Even if you're 99% compatible, the minute one wants kids and one doesn't, they should not be paired. So upset."

"I think it's very selfish of Adrienne to choose to continue her relationship with Matt knowing he does want kids and she doesn't want kids (or at least with him). Still love her though."

"I'm scared Matt is compromising too much but I do really like him and Adrienne together."

Other viewers, however, defended the romance - with some stating Adrienne is able to make her own choice about having children.

Among the comments, one wrote: "Why is it 'terrible' that Adrienne doesn't want kids?"

"Matt's mum being horrified that Adrienne doesn't want kids."

MAFS UK's Adrienne was delighted as she saw Matt on arrival at the vow renewal ceremony (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Adrienne was delighted as she saw Matt on arrival at the vow renewal ceremony (Channel 4)

"I'm glad Adrienne and Matt decided to stay together they are such a cute couple."

In the vow renewal, Adrienne and Matt committed to each other but both of them touched on their doubts for the future.

Matt said: "The biggest hurdle for me is you not wanting kids. I've always wanted children."

But he added: "Knowing that it might not be a part of my future, I have to imagine what life on the outside world might look like - whether I see you and me together. Hand on heart, I cant see anyone else in my life but you. You have brought a sparkle back into my life."

Adrienne was left in tears over Matt's moving speech over the renewals.

"I wonder if I am too overbearing for you," she said. "This makes me question if you are looking at the short term rather than forever."

But she concluded: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm ready for a life outside the experiment. I am falling for you."

What else happened on Married At First Sight?

Peggy and Georges

Will Peggy make the heartbreaking decision to end things with Georges after her mum's advice? (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Peggy and Georges committed to each other (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight fans were delighted to see Peggy and Georges had decided to commit to each other - despite the concerns from her family.

Sharing lots of kisses, Georges then gushed over his lady love. He said: "I'm absolutely besotted with you. I'm so confident in what we have. You are everything I asked for."

Peggy teased: "You are most of what I asked for but everything that I need, everything."

Tasha and Paul

Elsewhere in the episode, Tasha and Paul decided to give their love a chance on the outside world.

They started out as one of the TV experiment's strongest couples - with their spark instantly taking off when Tasha and Paul set eyes on each other at the altar.

But in recent weeks their romance hit the rocks because Tasha's fiery personality meant the couple would often row.

At a recent dinner party, Tasha told Paul: "Don't chat s*** about me." Paul's friends warned him in a previous episode: "The way she talks to you is degrading at times."

Back in Leeds, Tasha confided in her best friend: "We have had arguments but as we have gone through the experiment, it's become less of an issue."

Meanwhile, Paul's friend told him he didn't think the relationship would work out. "Don't get mad at me but I don't think it's for the longterm," he told him.

Paul had asked the dating experts for someone fiery but he admitted: "I got more than I bargained for."

Tasha addressed her fiery nature in her vows, saying: "Am I too much for you? Too loud? Too bold? I'm worried this might not be a relationship you want to be in."

But she finished saying: "I choose you now, tomorrow and forever."

"We have clashed," Paul agreed. "However, you have taught me so much and helped me become a better version of myself. I am so thankful of the life we have created together. Tasha, I love you and I can’t wait to continue our journey together."

JJ and Ella

Meanwhile, JJ and Ella were left in tears as they decided to part ways for good as lovers but they hoped to remain friends.

They weren't initially paired by the dating experts, instead their relationship blossomed when their respective marriages weren't working out.

JJ and Ella reentered the experiment as a couple with the hopes of finding love together but it didn't work out as they had hoped. A sticking point had been Ella's loud persona especially after she had a drink.

Ella - who is transgender - thanked JJ for accepting her transition, saying: "I instantly felt a spark. You accepted my transition without any question. Feeling seen for Ella without any judgement. I only dreamed of it as a child. It was a reality rather than a dream. You are kind and handsome. I admire how open minded you are. You make me a better person…

"I was naive to think it would be perfect the whole time.. You said you loved my crazy loud side. I think you like the idea of it. Everyone needs to compromise in a relationship. I shouldn’t just settle because someone accepts my transition. You are so special to me. I wanted it to be you but it isn’t right now. I never forget you and what you have done for me which will change my life forever.

"You’ve done so much for little boys and girls like I was. I may not have found my one in you."

JJ agreed, saying: "I think you are amazing. I've learnt so much from you but as things stand I think becoming friends is the healthiest thing for both of us. You are a truly inspirational person. I hope we can remain in each other's lives today and in many years to come."

Married At First Sight continues on Wednesday at 9pm on E4.

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