Man Arrested After Deadly Shooting Spree in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Police arrested a man accused of multiple shootings that were live streamed on Facebook on Wednesday, September 7.

Footage by Justin Green shows police vehicles crowding a suburban Memphis street, before officers are seen leading a man in handcuffs into a police car.

The suspect, identified as Ezekiel Kelly, may have filmed his shooting spree in a Facebook livestream, police said.

According to Memphis Police the shooting spree began early on Wednesday morning. Officers responded to a shooting at 12:56 am where they located 24-year-old Dewayne Tunstall, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kelly then allegedly shot multiple people between 4:38 and 7:23 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 9:15 pm, officers located the suspect, and he was taken into custody without incident by the Memphis Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelly, 19, was later charged with one count of first-degree murder for Tunstall’s death, Memphis Police said. Charges in the other cases are still pending. Credit: Justin Green via Storyful

Video transcript

JUSTIN GREEN: Turn the camera around. Girl, they got him. Oh, girl, they got him. There you go, right now.

- Left right, left right casing, because we're going to do your automatic.

JUSTIN GREEN: There he go, girl, there he go. I got the best seat in [MUTED] the house, and you do too. I told you a miracle. Good damn, girl. Oh, Lord, they got him. Thank God they got him, though, because he was causing all kinds of destruction and things. Ooh, child.

They go him, girl. I just saw them walk him out. So you all know, he did get at them at least. I know they got him. I will stay that, they got him. I can't, I ain't going any closer down there where they got him at. I'm going to stay over here. I'm going to put it back up, if they offer to pocket this thing. It's all I got going. I ain't going over there close.

They got him, child. And child, know they got him. They got him message, they got them. They sure got him. Right there behind my goddamn house. I'll be damned. And I just got my black [MUTED] from showing my date. I'm so glad I got home when I did.