Man threatened to stab Orthodox Jew in anti-Semitic Stamford Hill attack

Dunsmure Road in Stamford Hill, where the attack happened (Google Maps)
Dunsmure Road in Stamford Hill, where the attack happened (Google Maps)

A man threatened to stab an Orthodox Jew with a bottle in a north London attack police are investigating as a hate crime.

The victim was walking in Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill, around 12.15am on Saturday when the incident took place.

CCTV footage shared on X by Jewish neighbourhood watch group Shomrim appears to capture the audio of the attack happening nearby.

Shomrim said the attacker screamed expletives at the victim, threatening "I'll stab you".

Another man can be heard repeatedly shouting "stab him".

Scotland Yard confirmed it is investigating Saturday's incident.

The verbal and physical attack was reported to the Met Police by a third party on Sunday. Officers have since located the victim, aged in his 40s, and plan to take a statement from him.

"Enquiries are underway to establish the identity of the suspect," said a Met spokesperson.

"The incident is being treated as a hate crime. Officers from the Met’s Central East Command investigate."

The force said it has ramped up patrols in the Hackney area following the attack.

"We want to ensure all our communities feel safe," said the spokesperson.

"Hate crime has no place in London and we urge anyone who has been subjected to, or has witnessed such behaviour to contact police immediately."

The capital has seen a staggering rise in anti-Semitic incidents since the violence between Hamas and Israel erupted on October 7.

CST said on Tuesday that in the 25 days since the war began, it had recorded at least 893 anti-Semitic incidents across the UK, including 513 in London.

"This is the highest ever total reported to CST across a 25-day period," a spokesperson said. "CST has been recording anti-Semitic incidents since 1984.

"In just over three weeks, CST has recorded more anti-Semitic incidents than the 803 reported in the first six months in this year."

CST recorded 126 anti-Semitic incidents over the same 25 days in 2022, marking a 609 per cent increase in anti-Jewish hate acts.

Among incidents reported in London was a sticker of the Palestinian flag that was seen bearing an anti-Jewish slur.

In another, a racist slur was shouted at Jewish schoolgirls on a London bus.

In another, a man reportedly approached a Jewish girl at a London train station and said: “I hope you and all your people die in the war."