Matt Willis turned away from the gym for having tattoos

Busted star Matt Willis was left shocked last night when he was turned away from two gyms for having tattoos.

The rocker is currently in Tokyo, Japan with his bandmates, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson, and was at a loose end in the night due to his terrible jetlag.

Matt was suffering from jetlag when he tried to hit the gym.

Taking to Twitter, the star wrote: “Been wide awake for an hour now!!! I have no idea what to do? Might go for a walk?

“Being tired as f*ck but wide awake is very strange isn’t it?”

He then expressed his joy at finding a 24 hour gym, writing: “YES!!! I’ve found a 24 hour gym 1 mile away! A walk and then train. Then walk back, breakfast and get ready for day of promo. Wicked! [sic]”

Matt, pictured here with his wife Emma, is heavily tattooed.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and not long after, Matt revealed that he’d been unable to use the gym.

The star wrote: “Turned away from 2 gyms in Tokyo for having tattoos!”

There is a huge stigma surrounding tattoos in Japan, with it being normal for establishments such as gyms and public baths to ban tattooed people from using their facilities.

The Busted boys are in Japan.

This is due to the ‘gang culture’ that surrounds inkings in the country, with them often being a symbol of organised crime.

Fingers crossed Matt is able to find a gym that he is allowed to use, eh?

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