Mel B's friend reveals how she broke several ribs and 'severed' her hand

Laura Hannam
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    I would never wish harm on anyone but something is not adding up here. I have a friend who severed his foot in a snow mobile accident, the tracking under the snow mobile took off his foot when he lost control. It was reattached after many hours of specialist surgery. He was on pain meds for months and had almost no use of his foot for a long long time, needing rehab to use it again. If ( as she says ) her hand was severed, she shows no signs of the severe pain that would cause and I can not believe for a minute she would be posing in her hospital bed looking like she just had a night out with the girls and certainly not waving both hands in the air, this type of injury is not a broken finger, it is serious stuff. IF she is telling the truth then she may never get the full use of her hand back again as my friend has never 100% recovered. Like I said, something doesn't add up. I'm sure she is on drugs for pain which sure as heck helps with any excuse for her drug tests in the US.
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    Pies Man
    She was smiling and out of hospital very quickly to say that it was such a "serious" accident. Maybe it's a private hospital and they found out she's got £2.50 left in her bank account.
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    She severed her right hand?! What, completely off?! Wow, the rehabilitation for that will take years. I'm kind of surprised to see her managing to do "jazz hands" so soon after the accident.

    And this is news?, how?
    Mel B proves recent accident had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol after hospital stay
    Mel B proves recent accident had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol after hospital stay
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    So can we get this straight, of her hand was severed, that means completely cut off. Has she had it reattached, that would be a really major operation.
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    " did the 43 year old singer sustain such serious injuries?" Who is this "singer" they're referring to? Do they mean "the mime artist commonly known as Mel B?"
    This "incident" is probably being used to explain any drugs found in her system during the court ordered drug test. "Sorry you're honour. Yes there are large traces of heroin and cocaine in my system, but they were administered when I 'nearly' severed my hand which has now miraculously re-attached itself. Honest."
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    Probably broke a finger nail, sorry severed a finger nail.
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    Yeah, on the photo she does look like she in terrible pain... Don't insult people who actually did experience severe injuries....
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    And this is news?, how?
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    Do we care? No.
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    Could she not have been more considerate and damaged her voice?