‘More About Surviving Really’: Jason Momoa Gets Real About His Intense Aquaman Workouts And How He’d Rather Be Partying With Jack Black

 Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

After the conclusion of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa has opened up about his experience in the DCEU. Of course, fans and Momoa have questioned his Aquaman future as DC Studios opened up about his status. DC fans will miss seeing Momoa appear shirtless from the water. Surprisingly, the actor hated formal exercise despite his resume of physical roles. The Aquaman actor talked about surviving his intense workouts and preferring to party with Jack Black.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman in orange and green costume in The Lost Kingdom
Jason Momoa's Aquaman in orange and green costume in The Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa Breaks Down What Went Into Maintaining His Aquaman Body

The Lost Kingdom star broke down his entire DC workout to GQ. Momoa delved into his healthy lifestyle by mentioning his love for breakfast burritos, poi, and omelets. His lunch consisted of sandwiches while his dinner centered on Hawaiian food, vegetables, and proteins preferred by his chef. He mentioned that his fitness routine “depends on the role” he’s doing at the time. He kept up his superhero physique with leg workouts and kettlebells. The Fast X star mentioned what he went through during his first DCEU movies, saying:

I mean, the first couple of Justice Leagues and Aquaman were the most crazy. I was at a peak on Batman vs. Superman, and we didn't know what Aquaman was going to be like, so we just gave our all to the workout, and then the further I got into it, it became less and less.

Months of working out were important to nailing the superhero physique. Of course, he had done Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian before Justice League. However, becoming the Protector of the Deep was another level. Thankfully, after the first Aquaman movie, he was supporting the physique he gained for his first two Aquaman outings. It wasn’t just the workouts Momoa needed to focus on as he explained the survival mode, he got into during his DC journey, saying:

It was more about surviving, really, because you do so many stunts, and even your stuntman's hurt. On Aquaman, we needed two stuntmen because one person needed to be rehearsing and setting up the stuff we would do, and one person needed to be on set with me. We were constantly getting beat up. I mean, that character just got his ass kicked all the time.

Momoa mentioned taking part in big-budget movie shoots is a constant workout. According to the Aquaman star, “doing stunts and doing your fights” hurts just as much as doing a full routine in the gym. He admitted that a “connection actually helps” keep a top-form physique. The former DCEU star recalled what it’s like using his entire body in action scenes, saying:

…I have to miss, your elbows, your body… everything's thrown off. Then you add like a 60-pound or 40-pound suit to yourself, and you’re not actually making a connection that’s going to keep you on balance, so a certain part of your body has to stabilize, and you end up throwing out all types of parts of your body. You’re doing that all day, and it’s always stop-go, stop-go with constant ups and downs, and you have to stay warmed up all day.

Of course, fighting was just another workout for Jason Momoa. Pushing and using his entire body might be the norm for the Hollywood A-lister. However, the 44-year-old actor was aware of his body’s limitations as he spoke on preventing on-set injuries, saying:

You’re just trying to keep injury at bay. It's really like consistently trying to do things to keep your body protected from fights. For example, when someone goes and works out, they do their two to three hours, and they're done. We have to do that, fight, and work through it on days that are a minimum of 13 hours. So, you’re trying to keep weight on.

Playing Aquaman meant Momoa was trying to keep his muscular physique and prevent himself from sustaining injuries. Injuries or on-set accidents could’ve been costly not only for Momoa but Warner Bros. as well if production had to shut down. So, keeping up with his body in top form was important.

Jason Momoa in Aquaman and Jack Black in Jumanji
Jason Momoa in Aquaman and Jack Black in Jumanji

Jason Momoa Prefers Partying Over A Healthy Lifestyle

By the looks of his much-admired physique, it appeared Jason Momoa would be a 24-hour gym rat. However, that’s quite the opposite. The Slumberland star opened up about the joys of his post-Aquaman life, saying:

I'm not gonna lie to you [sic]. I'm a big fan of not doing that stuff. Right now, I’m having the time of my life. Jack Black and I eat and party and have a good time. I’m with Jared Hess every night, having dinner together, and we just enjoy ourselves.

The Hollywood star is living his best life now. Not living in the gym and worrying about his diet has become a way of life for the Minecraft star. All those years of playing Aquaman sounded stifling to the star’s outgoing and free-spirited personality.

Fortunately, the former DCEU star has moved on from the Aquaman franchise while still focusing on action films. Following his cameo appearance in The Fall Guy, Jason Momoa recently wrapped up Minecraft. The video game-to-screen adaptation will arrive in theaters on April 4, 2025. See what superhero movies are premiering this year by checking out our movie schedule for more.