Tom Hardy: 'Being Kicked In The Testicles By My Son Was The Worst Pain'


He's been in punching matches with Batman and taken a beating from six guys whilst in a cage, yet 'The Dark Knight Rises' star Tom Hardy reckons the most pain he's ever experienced was when his infant son gave him a good kicking in his, um private parts!

The movie hard-man told Esquire magazine that his now four-year-old son Louis once left him in ''excruciating agony''. It was all a big accident of course, but not one that Tom is likely to forget anytime soon:

''I managed to survive my entire life without getting kicked in the testicles. And then one day I was changing the nappy of my son. It was a sock dance. I put him on his back and he was moving his feet about. I was like, 'Come on', and he brought his heel down - and clipped the top of my left testicle."

"It took me to the f***ing floor man. 'I didn't see it coming, I was loose. And I took it straight on. I thought, 'Jesus, that's what it's like to be kicked in the balls.' Excruciating agony. And my son is only a foot-and-a-half long.''

We're sure all our male readers are feeling your pain Tom... Apparently the knockout kick was much worse than some of the on-screen beatings Hardy has had to endure, including one particular scene in 2008 film 'Bronson':

''When I was doing 'Bronson', I was arse-kicked with six guys pretending to kick the s**t out of me in a cage. Bam, bam, bam and this one guy kicked me in the testicles. It was full impact."

''Time slows down when that s**t happens that's serious. I thought, 'Jesus, I'm going to pass out.' Nothing happened. I didn't feel anything. 'I must have these super-testicles. A year later, my son took me to the floor.''

Maybe little Louis will follow his dad into the film-industry, with kicking skills like that he could give Batman a run for his money...

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